OFFICIAL rules for the 9th Annual NFL Football Contest

Here are the OFFICIAL rules for the 9th Annual NFL Contest. The first three years the contest was held completely in the Forums from 2008-2010 and then in 2011 started at another site and then moved to this site, where it was held in its entirety in 2012 and moving forward.

Contestants pick 5 games against the contest line each of the 17 weeks of the NFL season. Wins counts as 1 point and pushes count for ½ a point (we’re using the lines of the Westgate SuperContest, which doesn’t make every line a half-point to eliminate pushes). The season-long winner will receive 2 nights hotel at the Westgate (home of the SuperContest and home of ViewFromVegas champions!!!), plus dinner for 2 with yours truly. NOTE: grand prize does not include airfare or ground transportation or your other meals/shows/wagering activity during your stay. Second place will be dinner for 2 with yours truly, Dave Tuley.The tiebreaker for either first or second will be each contestant's record over the final 3 weeks of the regular season -- also mirroring the SuperContest rules -- and then moving backward one week at a time.

The weekly prize will be dinner with yours truly (or if they can’t make it to Vegas anytime soon, an alternate prize of a shirt). This will require a 5-0 record (which I'm expecting to happen every week anyway with the contest continuing to grow) and the tiebreaker will be the most points your 5 teams cover by. NOTE: You’re only allowed to win a weekly prize once by virtue of the tiebreaker.

To make your plays, go to MAKE PLAYS and select NFL and then the current week (lines will be posted by Wednesday night each week). THE DEADLINE FOR PLAYS TO BE SUBMITTED IS 11 A.M. PACIFIC TIME SATURDAY to coincide with the SuperContest deadline. The site will lock out anyone from making selections after that time and you'll be able to see everyone else's plays by going to the VIEW ALL PICKS under the MAKE PICKS tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use a game that takes place before the deadline (such as a Thursday night game or Thanksgiving Day game), you must post all 5 plays before kickoff of that game just like the requirement in the SuperContest.

For those worrying about missing the deadline, your plays may be posted ahead of time and then edited up until the deadline...just go back to MAKE PICKS and go through the process again.

I think that takes care of most of it…but here’s some more rules so everything is clear:

No entry fee

One entry per person.

5 plays per week: 1 contest point per winning selection (1/2 point for a push) The NFL contest runs through the 17 weeks of the regular season.

People entering after the first week's games will be eligible for weekly prizes as well as season-long prizes if they're good enough to overcome that handicap (winning percentage will not be a tiebreaker; only points earned by the rules stated above).

Weekly winners and updated standings will be posted in the VFV Forums at by Tuesday each week.

Good luck!