Welcome to ViewFromVegas.com's dedicated site for our Super Bowl Prop Contest. We held it the first few years in our VFV Forums but moved it here in 2011 with the help of With the help of website developer/programmer William 'Bill' Lane of W Lane Enterprises.

We hope everything is self-explanatory. The most confusing part for some people is that if you didn’t play in our previous contests on this site, you’ll need to register anew at the upper right (and note that your username/password at VFV Forums isn’t automatically transferred here). If you have played here before, you should be all set. Contestants then go to MAKE PICKS and choose the Super Bowl contest and make your 20 picks of the props provided. The winner will receive their choice of a $100 online gift card or dinner for two with yours truly on your next Vegas visit. The first tiebreaker will be your guess for the total points scored in the Super Bowl (the last item when you make your picks), second tiebreaker will be whoever is the longest member of the VFV Forums (it’s not required to play, but we certainly hope everyone playing our free contests at least signs up and checks out the posting forums), and the final tiebreaker will be whoever finalized their picks the earliest in this contest.

If you have any questions, email me at dave@viewfromvegas.com or webmaster@viewfromvegas.com or send me a private message in the VFV Forums.

Yours truly, Dave Tuley (aka tuleythetout)